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We restored the former site for the benefit of the audio community after the domain name expired. We have extensively edited the original site code to remove image restrictions, load faster, etc. Currently, further extensive changes are under way and we have intentions of adding several hundred additional Technics models. Technics audio products enjoyed great worldwide popularity for many years. They produced an extensive line of consumer electronics for home and also also professional use and even musical instruments. In 2002, the parent company, Matsushita /Panasonic, mostly abandoned the brand name other than a small line of turntables. They may have continued with some other products for the Japanese domestic market. In 2009 they discontinued production of the remaining turntable line. Inside the Vintage Technics Database, you will find original retail prices, years of manufacture, specifications, and pictures for several hundred models. As time allows, we plan to add several hundred additional models. We will post a message soon about how you can contribute information you may have.
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