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"Micro Series" FM/AM Stereo Tuner

A peek inside:

Leonard Feldman, writing in the April 1980 Issue of AUDIO magazine, had this to say about the ST-C01:

"Technics has managed to come up with a small tuner package which provides basic and adequate FM and FM stereo reception at a cost that does not penalize purchasers who crave the miniaturized format for their components.  Reception using a directional outdoor FM antenna was more than adequate in our listening area, with quality of received programs limited primarily by program material being broadcast.  Even 72 dB of signal-to-noise ratio is more effective dynamic range than is usually needed when tuning into current FM radio fare.  I have only two minor criticisms of the ST-C01.  First, I feel that some sort of signal-strength indicating device (be it a meter or even a series of LEDs) would have been helpful.  Second (and this is my pet peeve with lower cost receivers and tuners), I do not care for the coupling of the muting function on the same switch with the mono/stereo selection function.  I fell one should be able to enjoy (or defeat) the muting circuitry whether one is listening to stereo or mono.  In the case of the ST-C01, I must admit that this last objection is not serious, since the muting threshold was set at a nice low level (3.0 uV, or 14.7 dBf), while the stereo switching threshold occurs at approximately 6 uV (20.8 dBf).  Thus, in this case my criticism is not related to inability to receive usable stereo signals while employing the muting feature, but rather the inability to utilize the muting feature when tuning for weak (or strong) mono FM signals.  In summary, the Technics ST-C01 is a quite competently designed tuner which offers good value for its price.  Its performance compares favorably with standard-sized tuners costing as much—a characteristic which does not necessarily apply to all micro component categories that I have seen thus far.


This was last updated 1June 2002.

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